at pure gratitude we celebrate life.  we believe that life is a valuable gift, our joys and journeys are what make us unique. we believe it is beautiful, that we should pause to be thankful and to capture precious moments.  

we believe in loving on purpose.  we believe in people, the best in them and we believe in cherishing the ones you love. it's ok to be a little sentimental and it's ok to be yourself.  

we share personalized, meaningful jewelry.  each of our pieces are handmade with quality silver, pearls, leather and other natural elements.  

we love your creativity too, feel free to combine some of our ideas or to request your own - if we can make it, we will!

our farmhouse pillows are made with super-soft, pre-washed linen and are handprinted with toxin-free inks, spreading words of comfort and good news. 

our farmhouse frames are all handmade and distressed - ready for a picture of the ones you love!

we make every effort to bring you these at the most affordable prices, everybody should be able to enjoy something beautiful every day.